1. Hello My name is Popa have a Blog: http://popacalderon.tumblr.com/
    My size is 46 or XL or XXL, the following photographs I have taken of the

  2. Contemplating whether or not I should get this dress…

    Amanda, 26. US size 22, though this dress is a US size 18 from JcPenney’s



  3. Size UK18-22 from Iceland. Hiya!

    The dress I’m wearing is from Asos but my wool sweater was made by my wonderful aunt. I love it so much!


  4. fuckthenaysayers:

    This is the most on point my bangs have been in weeks so I took the chance to show off one of my new spring outfits I’ve been dying to wear!  

    cardigan and hat - walmart

    tank- old navy

    pants- osp

  5. http://basketsofpuppies.tumblr.com/

    US Size 16

    Dress:  Asos Curve: Size 16

    Leggings:  Modcloth: 2X (A Stylish Surprise score)

    Shoes:  Hot Toddy in Olympia, WA

  6. fattydeschanel:

    Jumping Jellybeans.

    Dress: Modcloth, Shoes: Fossil via TJ Maxx, Purse: vintage via my mother’s closet via her mother-in-law, Cardigan: Thrifted J.Crew. Photos courtesy of Emma and our little brother.

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  7. "And God said, ‘Let there be skirts with pockets’; and he willed it, and it was fabulous."
    Elle, size US14, was a pretty awesome cloudy morning and good lord do I love these colors.
    Top: Target
    Hat: Milani
    Shoes: Nine West
    Skirt: thrifted, handmade (no label)

  8. I hit up Nordstroms Rack today and got these awesome Jeffery Campbell heels so I had to come up with an outfit for them.

    flower-print Cardigan from BoBeau (Size 3x $30)
    Peter Pan Collar Top from Target (Size 2 $25)
    Skater Skirt from ASOS (Size 22 $28)
    "Aurora" Strapped Platform Heels from Jeffery Campbell (Size 11 MSRP: $155 Paid $45)

    For my fellow chub-rub-club members….I got a pair of black cotton bike shorts from wal-mart to wear under all of my dresses/skirts. No more chaffing, and you don’t have to worry about putting your buns on display if the wind kicks up! 

    Have a lovely day xx

  9. deathbeforediet:



    These “high waisted shorts” are actually my sister’s halter-top ROMPER that doesn’t even make it half way over my boobs. Also my hair’s been like this for what, 4 days now?

    Anyways, thunder thigh/all around thick body appreciation post. Have a nice day!

    PS- look at that one hanger behind my head


    Oh so that’s where all these new followers came from pahaha. Dang this picture is a year old. And psh jake I’m the nicest girl you know, please.

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  10. Hey I’m Brenda! A US size 16-18, 5’9
    Tumblr & IG

    Jones New York, olive blazer. size: 12
    American Eagle, charcoal tank. size: XL
    Jessica Simpson, black jeggings. size: 16
    Diba, black ankle boots. size: 10
    Bakers, spiked necklace
    H&M, mid rings

  11. Seriously you guys.

    This is super cute. Sizes 16-26, on sale for $71.99 at ModCloth.



  12. Just saw this article and thought it was pretty informative and helpful. Give it a look! If you don’t like what the article has to say, that’s fine. But there are some great sites linked. :)


  13. This is what I wore to see Only Lovers Left Alive at the Landmark

    Cardigan: Old Navy L

    Romper: F21+ 3X

    Leggings: Hanes XL via Vons

  14. buttahlove:

    Went to Los Angeles this past Easter weekend to visit my grandmothers as well as do some shopping downtown to purchase some burlesque goodies! I wore this lovely Anya strapless dress by SWAK and couldn’t have been more comfortable. I received compliments all day as I was out and about.

    I’m a size 26/28 so I got the 4x. It fits very well with plenty of room. This dress would look great on women with large bellies (like myself), large hips, and maybe even large busts. I probably could’ve sized down to a 3x for a more firmer fit, however I’m very content with the 4x.

    My size 26+ sistas should DEFINITELY look into this collection!

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  15. Tifa, US size 18. prettyydarkskinn.tumblr.com

    Outfit details

    Shirt- Forever 21 size 2x Skirt- Forever 21 size 1x Sneakers- Target Jacket- Old navy size xl Bag- Forever 21