(Size XXL)

I’m a huge fan of City Chic. They have beautiful, well-made clothing. I have never once been disappointed in the quality of an item that I have purchased from them. I totes fell for this army girl black mesh tunic because it was completely unique and blended hard edges and soft draping perfectly. This tunic is a bit on the longer side, it goes right to my knees and fits perfectly everywhere on my body. If I did have one warning about this dress it would be that it wrinkles very easily. I steamed this dress right before the photos and as you can see it has crinkled up quite a bit. It doesn’t bother me so much with this item because I feel it has a bit of a post-apocalyptic vibe anyway.

Leggings: Forever 21+

(Size 3X)

Unfortunately these leggings are no longer in stock. I only purchased them a few weeks ago, but they sold out very quickly. I hope Forever 21 will restock some new plaid leggings in the future. In the mean time, you can get similar leggings at ASOS and Domino Dollhouse. Plaid is always popular around this time of the year.

Hat: Value Village
You have seen me mention Value Village before, they are the Canadian version of Savers, a U.S. thrift store. I peeped this hat a while back and was wavering on whether or not it was for me. It is much louder than any hat I have ever worn and I was not sure I would pull it off with my blue hair. My husband talked me into it and I could not say no for $5, but I am still not totally sold. What do you think? Is it working for me?

Boots: ASOS
(Size 10) 
My New Look wrap-around flat boots are a leather-look boot with a low heel, side zipper, and wrap-around strap design. These boots are not wide width but I took a chance on them as I am able to get away with some regular width shoes. They turned out great and fit like a dream! They have become my go-to, day-to-day boots for Fall. They are currently on sale for $20!! Such a steal!


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About to head into @penningtons @mblmstyle to pick out my four #mblmmbassador outfits for #wmcfw!!! So excited! Wish me luck!!! #psootd #plussize #psblogger #DAREmagazine #DAREtoWear


Here are some of my recent outfit of the days! I’m a full time college students so I’m sorry these aren’t more glam!

Outfit One:
Wig: Geishawigs
Jumper: ASOS Curve (Size 18)
Leggings: Simply Be (Size 20)
Boots: Mr Shoe

Outfit Two:
Coat: Matalan (Size 16)
Shirt: Yours Clothing (Size 20)
Leggings: ASDA (Size 18)
Boots: Doc Martens

Outfit Three:
Shirt: Yours Clothing (Size 18)
Jeans: New Look Inspire (Size 20)
Shoes: ASOS
Necklace: Superdrug

Outfit Four:
Shirt: ASOS Curve (Size 18)
Skirt: ASOS Curve (Size 18)
Shoes: Doc Martens
Scarf: Yours Clothing

Outfit Five:
Dress: ASOS Curve (Size 18)
Tights: ASDA (Size XL)
Shoes: Doc Marten.

Phew! That’s a basic run down of everything, please drop me a message if you have any questions! Also you can see my OOTD’s by following me on instagram @ largefitjumper.


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the leaves are falling and the sweaters have come out, autumn is here. I wore this cute little outfit to college today and felt super comfy, got lots of compliments about the leggings which made me smile :)

sweater - H&M
leggings - TK Max
bag - thrifted
shoes - Urban Outfitters

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Anonymous: What advice do you have for women who want to be more body positive but can't shake all the body shame they've accumulated over the years?


None of the following is simple or immediate.

None of the following will happen all the time.

There will be backtracks.

And that’s okay. Keep going forward.

  • Wear and/or reveal what you want to wear and/or reveal. If people talk, address them politely, but firmly. If they continue to talk, shut them down. If they yet persist, cut them from your life. There are no exceptions. My policy is “you will show respect or you will be removed, there are no alternatives.”
  • The above includes makeup, clothing, lingerie, and all other items.
  • In all styles, fashions, colors, genres, etc.
  • Separate out “health” when it comes to weight. A non-doctor: “You could lose some weight” is an asshole. Do not listen to this person. They do not have a valid concern.

    A doctor: “You could lose some weight, I’m worried about [medical issue that is severely affecting your life]” has a valid concern. Decide how important your health is to you, and act accordingly with this information in tow. You are now making an informed choice.
  • Do not buy or read blogs, magazines, comments, etc. that target your insecurities. You are the editor of your life. Cut out the garbage and all that isn’t useful.
  • "Guilty pleasure" is a marketing term used to get you to buy the thing you feel "guilty" about, then buy more things to absolve yourself of said "guilt". Do not feel guilty about your pleasures.
  • Do not. Feel guilty. About. Your pleasures.
  • You will not be everyone’s type — body, attitude, whatever. That’s fine. You aren’t alive in service of other folk anyway. Be your own type. Not knowing what your own “type” means you research and experimentation. Take what you like, reject what you don’t. I’m the world’s worst, most colorfully dressed, grinning fool of a gothy-bastard. Whenever anyone tries to take away the filaments of personality I call “goth,” I have my pet raven peck the shit out of them.
  • Accept criticism that is useful. Reject critics that are not.
  • Drink more water.