1. afatfox:

    Kentucky is finaaaaally warming up enough to dress for spring, so I took the opportunity to dress up with some season appropriate pieces!  This outfit is by SWAK Designs - a new site I’ve been reviewing.

    Top ~ SWAK (1x)
    Skirt ~ SWAK (2x)
    Shoes ~ Not Rated via Journeys (11)
    Belt & Bracelet ~ Torrid (2)
    Rings ~ DIY
    Flower Crown ~ Petalprops on Etsy

    The top I’m wearing is actually full length, but for the purpose of this outfit I decided to tuck it under my skirt.  It’s incredibly flowy/oversized while still maintaining a nice shape to it.  The material is, again, super soft and a real joy to wear.  I’ve been wearing it with jeans for a more casual/basic (and ridiculously comfortable) look and I love it styled like that as well.

    The skirt is absolutely lovely and perfect for the spring/summer.  The chiffon overlay is very light and flowy, while the lining underneath is stretchy and hugs to you appropriately so you feel covered up even when the wind decides to rear it’s head.  The color is just gorgeous and I can’t wait to pair this with numerous crop tops and vests for the upcoming seasons.  If you’re looking for a plus size skirt for this summer then this is a great option.

    So as you can tell, this company has another two thumbs up from me and I can’t wait to explore more of their collection.  To see my other outfit featuring their pieces, click: here

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  2. Excuse my expression, I can never make my face look cute when my webcam is on a timer! I promise I’m not angry! Also ignore my messy bedroom.

    I’m wearing this to a date this afternoon and I’m so pleased I can wear cute shoes and no coat!  I’m a US size XL (sometimes XXL) and I wear pants size 18!

    Pants: Feather print skinny jeans from Walmart

    Tank top: Walmart

    Cardigan: Elle from JCPenneys

    Heart shaped Conch necklace: Borrowed from my roommate

  3. crowcrow:

    This wedding is so perfect in every way! 

    i’m cheesy and romantic and love cute weddings!!

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  4. lovelyfatties:

    Bra: City Chic
    Top: Crossroads
    Jeans: Asos Curve
    Glasses: Sportsgirl

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  5. shewhorollswithrolls:

    New chubby cartwheels crop and necklace for the jersey shore party

  6. bigfatcherrybomb:

    Awwwwkward #fatgrunge

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  7. borninsequins:

    new blog post // pink is the flavor.


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  8. My name is Karen and I usually wear a size 18/20. I write a plus size fashion blog called Curvy Canadian and you can also follow me here on tumblr at curvycanadian.tumblr.com. This shot is from one of my most recent posts called “Crop”. I totally pushed myself outside of my normal comfort zone and decided to rock a crop top. I remember my slimmer sisters wearing them in the 90s and thinking they’d look horrible on me - but this time around, I am totally loving the trend - even on my larger body! Eff the rules that most people have about what plus size women should or shouldn’t wear. I’m so done with that!!! Horizontal stripes? Yes please. Crop tops? Totally. Bikinis? You better brace yourself, cause I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly! Fashion freedom is the best thing ever. <3

  9. It is finally getting warm here so I welcomed the warm weather with a woven breezy summer dress belted at the waist with a skinny belt, and a jean jacket thrown on top with the sleeves rolled up, and finished the look with nude scalloped flats I love my accessories so I pared gold and jade stone earrings with Indian bangles. My Sizes are … .

    Dress: XL

    Jean Jacket: L from Kohl’s ELLE Collection

    Flats: 7.5 from Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad 

    Follow my blog at: http://blushingbeauty90.blogspot.com/

  10. hi! my name is Sara and this is my first time submitting! :) (i’m nonbinary so please nobody refer to me as a girl/with she/hers pronouns! thank you!)

    i don’t remember where i got the shirt, it’s from last summer—maybe Target or Kohl’s? but it’s an XXL (definitely too big for me now). the shorts are from Cato Fashions, size 14! my first truly high waisted shorts and i love them. the bra i’m wearing, which you can’t see very well in the picture (but can definitely see through the shirt IRL), is also from Cato!

    today’s the first day this year it’s been this close to 70 degrees, there’s an art event happening downtown this evening, and i am very excited to celebrate spring!!! my blog is badluckandforeignlines. :)

  11. US size 22


  12. death-by-dior asked: Also an answer for the NYC question. If you're looking for cheaper stuff, the forever 21 in Times Square and a store called strawberry that has numerous locations. The union square location has them for sure. And of course Macy's.

    Thank you!

  13. ilikeprettyclothes:

    That time I wore ALL the blush.

    cardigan and singlet - Dorothy Perkins, skirt - City Chic, tights - Walmart, boots - Boohoo, brooch - Erstwilder, earrings - Betty Le Bonbon

  14. alibuttons:

    Rebel Wilson and I own the same dress! Ahhh!

  15. alibuttons:

    OOTD! :) 

    Finally wore the Midnight Snack skirt I made for myself! (There’s one available in my shop that will be made to fit you!) It got a lot of attention, which is really cool. Anywho, details!

    Pink tank top - Wal-Mart

    Belt - Simply Be

    Vest - Old Navy

    Shoes - Ross

    Floral Headband - Icing

    Bracelets - Michael’s

    Earrings and brooches - Made by me 

    You can check out my Etsy shop here! I sell jewelry and plus size skirts. :)