1. fatgirlfancy:

    Plus size clothes are not cheap. Especially if you are in the larger sizes and can’t fit into clothes from the cheaper stores like Forever 21 or Gstage. And sometimes when you are on a tight budget it’s really hard to see all of these great fatshion bloggers buying new things…
  2. US Size 16/18

    I wore this awhile ago when I went to see Aziz Ansari. I finally decided to submit.


    Top- Hot Topic

    Skirt- ASOS

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    An Easter OOTD

    I am not a very religious person but I do love Easter because it means it’s Spring (and Cadbury mini eggs, those are important too)!  Although in Michigan it was far important because it meant an end or near end to cold dreary snowy winters, it’s still nice to have the weather warm up here California.  I have been eyeing the pool and am very excited to use my bikini all summer.  

    I love the colors of spring and this dress seemed fitting for today.  I will say though, it’s a little tight in the chest area and after wearing it for most of the day so far, I will probably take it off right away and put on something more relaxed.  But, it’s nice to dress up in something pretty now and again!

    Outfit Details:

    Dress: eShakti, size 24

    Shoes: Target, size 10

    Purple Lipstick: Lime Crime’s Airborne Unicorn

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    Dressing up my faux leather leggings for an evening out. Check out the entire post here » http://bit.ly/PjEF30

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  5. iwillflyawayagain:

    Happy Easter outfit
    Dress £7- Dorothy Perkins size 18
    Necklace £5- Dorothy Perkins
    Tights- next L
    Belt £3- new look

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  7. weararemyclothes:

    Easter Sunday!

    I haven’t worn this dress in so long, because I thought it fit weird..specifically on my arms, but do people really focus on that?? Either way I shouldn’t care. I felt cute.

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  8. UK Size 20 - mcstephanton.tumblr.com :)

    Dress - New Look Inspire

    Leather Jacket - New Look

    Boots - Primark

  9. alibuttons:


    I finally whipped out my Strawberry Dress from Domino Dollhouse! Yay! :) (Also, I’m totally trying to talk somebody into going to the Strawberry Festival with me so I can wear it!) I felt so cute!


    Dress - Domino Dollhouse

    Cardigan - JC Penney

    Shoes - Blowfish

    Belt - Ross 

    Earrings, which you can’t see but are strawberry cabachons - Made by me

    Glasses - Zenni Optical

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    Finally with this hottie!!! @fayedaniels ♥♥♥♥

    This happened.

  14. lulinix:

    Cozy :)

    (dress~H&M, sweater~New Look, shoes~NewYorker)

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  15. damebello:

    I looked cute as mother-fucking hell today. So much black and white.

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