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    Here is me in my high-waisted jeans from City Chic, originally seen on the uber-gorgeous Teer Wayde. I don’t think I rock them quite as hard as Teer does, but I do love them - they are super comfortable and will make endless wardrobe possibilities. Prepare to see a lot of them in my outfit posts!

    Today, I decided to pair them with the t-shirt and cardi combo I seem to wear all the time. Sorry about that, it’s just that when I see this cute little cardi in my closet, I automatically grab the royal blue tee along with it (ok, sometimes I don’t but usually this is what happens). I will try to shake it up a bit in the future!

    jeans - City Chic, t-shirt - Giant Tiger, cardigan - Valley Girl, necklace - jewelry shop in Akaroa, NZ, turquoise ring - vendor in Stone Island, Mexico, shoes - Number 1 Shoes

    I think I need these jeans.


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    In love with them jeans!
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    Ohhh I need them too.
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    Fantastic outfit! Those jeans look so good on you!
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    I think I need these jeans. -Shelby
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