1. ilikeprettyclothes:

    What I wore last night to two plays and a party …

    top - Dorothy Perkins, skirt - The Warehouse (bought yesterday for $17!), shoes - Irregular Choice, necklace - Twisted M.O.M, earrings - diva

  2. ilikeprettyclothes:

    I ordered this top from Dorothy Perkins and it arrived yesterday. I tried it on last night and really didn’t like it - despite how wonderful it looked on the girls and how lovely the fabric feels, the peplum didn’t sit right and I thought it didn’t look very good. But I decided to give it another go this morning and I am glad I did - I liked it so much better. Not sure what the problem was, but anyway, the moral of the story is to always gives things a second chance, just in case. :)

    top - Dorothy Perkins, skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes - Hush Puppies, necklace - made by me, earrings - diva

  3. ilikeprettyclothes:

    Another repeat for a casual Tuesday work day. I’ve had this dress for a year or two (when Dorothy Perkins used to actually deliver the items I ordered!), so it has made appearances on the blog before.

    The shrug is new though - got on massive sale from Max, as I’ve been looking for a red shrug for ages and couldn’t find a good one.

    dress - Dorothy Perkins, shrug - Max, leggings - Kmart, sandals - Clarks Unstructured, necklace - Suzy Shier, earrings - Shh by Sadie

  4. Dorothy Perkins always has such pretty clothes. Their sale section is awesome, too.

    They currently have free worldwide shipping until Monday, and 15% off your order.

    This dress is available in sizes US 16 and 18, and is only $29 — $24.65 after the 15% off!

    ALSO… just found out they do a student discount of 15% anytime! (Info here)

  5. ilikeprettyclothes:

    #2 of my 2 new BLBB skirts. As soon as I saw the book print, I knew I had to have it!

    skirt - Betty le Bonbon, top - Dorothy Perkins, belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, tights - Walmart, shoes - Hush Puppies, necklace - Suzy Shier, earrings - diva

  6. More cool sale stuff!

    Dorothy Perkins' dresses are all 20% off right now, with the discount taken at checkout. They also always have a great sale/clearance section, so give that a look, too.

  7. ilikeprettyclothes:

    Here it is, my tropical circle skirt from Betty Le Bonbon! I ordered it last weekend, it was shipped on Monday and it arrived yesterday - pretty fast turnaround if you ask me.

    I wore it out to a play last night, and got lots of compliments on it. It fits perfectly and the material is a  lovely quality. I just love it!

    I wore my blue Meringue petticoat from Domino Dollhouse under it for contrast, and even though I flashed it at people all night, I totally forgot to flash it for the camera. Fail.

    top - Dorothy Perkins, cardigan - Glassons, skirt - Betty Le Bonbon, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, tights - Walmart, shoes - Hush Puppies, sweater guard and necklace - etsy, earrings - diva

  8. ilikeprettyclothes:

    The outfit I wore to go to Spotlight today to pick up fabric for my dressmaking course.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve posted a photo of this outfit before, but oh well.

    top - City Chic, skirt - Dorothy Perkins, leggings and belt - Kmart, shoes - The Warehouse, earrings - The Emerald City

  9. ilikeprettyclothes:

    I don’t often tuck my tops into my high waisted jeans, but this top looks shitty when left out so I went for it today. And I decided I like it both ways - some days call for tucked, some days don’t.

    cardigan - Dorothy Perkins, tank - Shanton, jeans - City Chic, shoes - The Warehouse, necklace - Taupo, NZ, earrings - Pahia, NZ

  10. hipslipstits:

    New dress from Dorothy Perkins arrived yay.Of course it arrives on the day I email them asking if they can track it cause it is 10 days late.

    Had to take the bust in a bit.

    I love this dress so much.


  11. ilikeprettyclothes:

    I bought this cardigan ages ago from Domino Dollhouse, but have not yet had a chance to wear it properly until today, when it suddenly went from summer to winter. Boo to the weather, but yay to the awesome cardigan! I love how it is all prim and proper in the front, and then skullerific in the back.

    cardigan - Domino Dollhouse, dress - Dorothy Perkins, belt - Pagani, leggings - Kmart, shoes - The Warehouse, necklace - Pixel Ink, earrings - Lush

  12. ilikeprettyclothes:

    Lookee who’s been interviewed on Betty Le Bonbon! Thank you, Jasmine!


    This is the first of my ‘Stylish Individuals’ interviews! Cara, from I Like Pretty Clothes, who I’m sure you’ll agree is absolutely gorgeous! If you’d like to play along, just message me and I’ll send you the details!

    Quickly introduce yourself – who are you, what do you do, what are your interests and hobbies and loves?

    My name is Cara and I am the Audience Development Director for a professional theatre in Wellington, New Zealand. I love the theatre; I am in no way, nor have I ever been, a performer, I have just always been an avid and enthusiastic audience member. I think that’s why I’m good at my job - I can relate to the majority of the audience! Other hobbies and loves … well, I think it goes without saying that I have a bit of a shopping addiction! There is a running joke at my work about the amount of packages that arrive for me most weeks - it’s like it’s always Christmas at the office! I also love to travel; I am from Canada originally, but my husband and I moved to New Zealand two and a half years ago in order to explore this side of the world. And to escape the cold, cold climate of the Canadian Prairies in winter! Finally, I read a lot, I spend far too much time on the internet, and I drink way too much wine with my lovely friends and husband. I think that about sums me up!

    Describe your personal style.

    Hmmmm, this is a tough one - I always have a hard time trying to explain my style because I’m not entirely sure I have one! I have a definite leaning towards retro-inspired pieces, but my style isn’t solely retro. Maybe eclectic - with a splash of the eccentric - is the best word for it? I don’t know. I wear mostly dresses and skirts; I love the frilly, the flouncy, the colourful, the frou frou. I stand out, often; I don’t conform to the shapes, colours and patterns that are generally prescribed for my plus size body. I don’t hide. I often wear in my everyday life what other people save for special occasions and costumes - I am almost always the most dressed up person anywhere I go (except for when I go to watch burlesque, of course). I just wear what I like. Is that a style? lol

    Who and/or what influences and inspires your personal style?

    There are so many people I admire and who therefore influence my fashion decisions (and so many of them are on tumblr): Saffron (veganvintagevixen.tumblr.com), Jasmine (bettylebonbon.tumblr.com), Tegan (pearlconcubine.tumblr.com), Lenora (lenoralenoire.tumblr.com), Tracy (dollyminx.tumblr.com) and Nicole (rubynite.tumblr.com), just to name a few. There are oodles more, but it will take me hours to list them all here. I spend a lot of time on the Pinup Girl Clothing Facebook page and a subsequent private group for the hard core PUG fans, and all we do is talk about clothes we are buying, clothes we want to buy, the best stores at which to shop, which stores are having sales at the moment, etc. I’m not sure if that’s inspirational, influential, or just a case of addicts enabling other addicts! And then I love looking at people like Dita Von Teese, Micheline Pitt, Christina Hendricks and Tess Munster, and admiring the fashion choices they make.

    Do you feel like you’ve found your ‘style home’?

    Yes, definitely. I didn’t always dress the way I do know - I used to feel extremely uncomfortable in my body and wear clothes that didn’t aid in my comfort one bit. When I took the plunge and purchased my first PUG dress it sort of changed my world - I realised that there were clothes in which I could feel amazing, and which looked amazing on me. Because of this, I became more confident, comfortable with myself and just plain happy, and since then have built a wardrobe of which I am really proud. Every day feels like playing dress up, and I love it!

    On an average day, you wear …?

    A dress or skirt/top, often with a petticoat. I have one pair of jeans that I will wear occasionally when it is either too windy to feel like fighting to keep a skirt down (they don’t call it Windy Wellington for nothing) or I just feel like being more casual. 

    On a more than average – indeed, very much spectacular day, you wear (or would wear) …?

    As I mentioned, I am pretty dressed up most days, but I do have a few dresses that I save for special occasions. I also have a couple of pretty corsets that are only worn on special occasions.

    You’re in bed early Friday night when a bestest buddy calls you and insists you come out for the night – but it means leaving the house in five minutes. What’s your go-to outfit, makeup and hair routine?

    A cute dress, probably a petticoat. Mascara, blush and either bright pink or red lipstick. Whichever of my six pairs of glasses that best matched my outfit (if I had to get ready so quickly I would not wear contacts). Perfume. With hair as short as mine, it doesn’t need much attention, so I would just smooth it down if I had bed head.

    Favourite places to shop online?

    PinupGirlClothing.com is my definite favourite place to shop, but I also love DominoDollhouse.com, BettiePageClothing.com, DorothyPerkins.com, Sirens and Starlets is a great store on eBay from which to get Hell Bunny dresses, ASOS.com (to a lesser degree, I find their stuff is a bit hit and miss), I have shopped at QueenofHolloway.com, but I feel a bit guilty about that one, and ModeMerr.com is a good one. That’s all I can think of at the moment …

    I just want to add a p.s.: I totally forgot to mention City Chic as one of my favourite places to shop - even though I do most of my shopping there in person, they do have an online store at which I have shopped. I knew I would forget something!

  13. ilikeprettyclothes:

    Fatshion February #19

    And this was my second Friday outfit, worn to go out for after-work drinks and dinner with friends. I know you can see the stripes through the skirt, but I don’t really care.

    top - Pinup Girl Clothing, skirt - Dorothy Perkins, shoes - Hush Puppies, earrings - diva

    (via murmurfromtheruins)

  14. ilikeprettyclothes:

    Fatshion February #18

    Yesterday was a two outfit day. This was the first, what I wore to work. And I’m sporting my new pink glasses for the first time. Yay, Friday!

    dress - Dorothy Perkins, shoes - The Warehouse, earrings - diva

  15. ilikeprettyclothes:

    Fatshion February #10

    Carrying on with the ‘sexy librarian’ look (someone commented on yesterday’s outfit post that I looked like a sexy librarian - I both like that description and think it also applied today!). 

    In other news, I am so glad it’s Friday.

    skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing, t-shirt - Kmart, cardigan - Farmers, belt - Dorothy Perkins, shoes - The Warehouse, necklace - equip, earrings - Betty Le Bonbon