1. qbug:


    Rocking this five dollar top from target for swing dancing class tonight

    This babe is the cutest.  I feel like more of a babe just because I know her.  

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  2. oreth:




    another day, another picture of me in this bikini 

    Oldie, but goodie.

    I couldn’t let the holiday pass without reblogging this.

    Texas girls, y’all. :thumsup:

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  3. margaretmead:

    Clothes from Torrid came!

    Top left: Coral Off-Shoulder Tee Size 2, and Dark Rinse Bermuda Shorts Size 20

    Top right: Black Crochet Strapless Top Size 2, and Black Back Pocket Bling Shorts Size 20

    Bottom left: Turquoise Suede System Heels, Size 12

    Bottom right: Coral Embroidered Mini Skirt, Size 2

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  4. detroitwaves:

    I looked super cute for my interview today. Too bad they were crazy, it’s totally not worth the money.

  5. megadelicious:



    would bump uglies with

  6. chubby-cupcake:

    I think I like this one better.

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  7. tickledbylemons:

    Annd this is my fatshion feb post

    I found the hat and sweater in the mini mall everything else is thrifted or not mine

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  8. continuants:

    #ootd dress, boots, and jeans. It is too cold. (Taken with instagram)

  9. fuckthenaysayers:

    Feeling cute today! Wore this to my family’s Christmas gathering.

    Beret - claires

    Pants - no idea

    half-jacket - 2x from Old Navy

    shirt - 2x idk where it’s from! Probably Kmart or something :P

    belt - came with a dress from Igigi

    The jewelry is a gift from my girlfriend, I love them but no clue where she got them! :)

  10. detroitwaves:

    My hair is doing its own thing, just brushed it after my shower, but it seems to know what’s up today. Feeling cute for no reason, what’s up? Also, no makeup. Fuck makeup.

    Our technical goddess, Nessa.

  12. vanilla-doll:

    Just me again. I don’t love this coordinate, I just really wanted to wear this flowy thing. It comes with a beautiful overdress (not worn). I’ll wear this different next time, without the bulky jacket. Too big. Poop. I thought it would be cold today but it was warm actually. :/

    Everything is thrifted, except the jewelry and the socks that are from the dollar store.

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  13. pretentiousbullshit:

    kawaii wonderwoman chan

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