1. ilikeprettyclothes:

    This is the dress I bought in store at City Chic the other day - it was $40, and the store manager told me it was one of a bunch of items that CC made just for the Boxing Week sale, and just to be sold in store. It’s comfy and a crazy print, I love it for summer!

    You might notice that in the first photo I am trying very hard not to laugh, and have totally cracked up in the second. Well, when I was in junior high school I wrote a short story hypothesizing that the reason Mona Lisa smiled so enigmatically was that Leonardo painted in the nude. Sam decided to reenact this today while taking my OOTD photo by getting his junk out. My reaction might not be quite enigmatic, however. ;)

    dress - City Chic, shoes - Banks Shoes, necklace - gift from friend, earrings - Domino Dollhouse

  2. ilikeprettyclothes:

    Contrary to popular belief, sometimes I do just wear jeans and a t-shirt.

    But not very often. :)

    t-shirt - The Warehouse, jeans - City Chic, shoes - Quarks, necklace - Julby Umph, earrings - diva

  3. ilikeprettyclothes:

    What I wore last night - feelin’ tropical.

    My new hair flower is lovely and realistic smelling, but the large clip it’s attached to will not stay in my short hair. So I had to wear a headband with it so that it had something to slip on to. Not ideal, but it will have to do.

    dress and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, shrug - City Chic, necklace - Walmart, earrings - Domino Dollhouse, hair flower - Uncle Fezter, headband - The Warehouse, I also added my black kitten heels from Number 1 Shoes

  4. ilikeprettyclothes:

    I wore my Dixiefried Tiki Twist out for the first time last night. This style is a bit of a departure for me in terms of dresses, as it is more figure-hugging that the swing styles I usually wear. At first I was a little self conscious, I must admit, but throughout the night I felt better and better in it. By the end of the night, when I went to the bathroom and checked myself out in the full length mirror, I was like, “Hot damn I look good!” So there’s that, ha ha.

    dress and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, shrug - City Chic, nude fish nets - eBay, shoes - Number 1 Shoes, necklace - Walmart, earrings - Domino Dollhouse

  5. ilikeprettyclothes:

    Dani and I thought it was time for another Tumblr Twin Day! 

    My outfit:

    top - Shanghai, China, jeans - City Chic, shoes - Overland, bracelet - Songyuan, China, necklace - equip, earrings - diva

  6. ilikeprettyclothes:

    What I Wore to Work Today.

    Ugh, I need a hair cut. Friday (when I have an appointment), get here now!!

    t-shirt - The Warehouse, skirt and petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, belt - City Chic, tights - Walmart, shoes - Shanghai, China, necklace - Pixel Ink, earrings - diva

  7. ilikeprettyclothes:

    What I wore to Burlesque Class.

    Things I learned:

    1. I really love the Rago High Waisted Vintage Style Garter Panty that I got from Domino Dollhouse, which I wore for the first time tonight.

    2. The City Chic stockings kind of suck - they rolled down (even with suspenders) and seriously tore up my inner thighs from the chub rub.

    3. Burlesque is super fun! Such a fun class with a great group of sexy ladies. Can’t wait until next week!

    Outfit details:

    top - Old Navy, bra - Additionelle, skirt and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, stockings and cardigan - City Chic, shoes - Fluevog, earrings and girdle - Domino Dollhouse, beret - eBay, necklace - diva

  8. ilikeprettyclothes:

    I wore this to work the other day.

    dress - City Chic, jacket - Big Bang Boutique, tights - Walmart, shoes - Overland, necklace - Underground Market, earrings - Domino Dollhouse

  9. ilikeprettyclothes:

    New Zealand ladies!

    Once again, I’m selling a few goodies on TradeMe - please check them out here, and tell your friends!

  10. ilikeprettyclothes:

    My first wearable sewing project is complete! 

    I bought the top part of this skirt from Frockabilly, but there was some sort of a miscommunication because when arrived it was WAY too short for my liking and comfort. She was lovely about it though, she was really apologetic and went out of her way to make sure I was happy with the outcome. And the skirt was super cute - the fabric was adorable, she had added a cute bow and it fit perfectly in the waist.

    Because I’m taking a sewing course at the moment, I decided to add fabric to the bottom rather then send it back to her to do the same. It took me about 5 hours (I am a true beginner - I had never even turned on a sewing machine before I started the course 6 weeks ago), because it was harder and more involved than I though it would be - measuring, cutting, realising I didn’t have enough fabric, getting more fabric, measuring, cutting, sewing all the fabric together, overlocking, pinning to the skirt, sewing, unpicking, repinning, resewing, unpicking, resewing again, measuring, cutting, overlocking, hemming. Phew, I am glad to be done. I think the skirt I start from scratch next week will be much easier!!

    skirt - Frockabilly and Haus of C (that’s for you, Wendy!), top - City Chic, petticoat (under) - Domino Dollhouse, tights - Walmart, boots - Overland, necklace - etsy, earrings - diva

  11. ilikeprettyclothes:

    I wore this to a friend’s birthday dinner last night. 

    cardigan - City Chic, dress - Hell Bunny, petticoats - Vamporium, necklace - Pinup Girl Clothing, fascinator - Pagani, earrings - diva, shoes - Hush Puppies

  12. ilikeprettyclothes:

    Another of my recent City Chic sale purchases - the Miss Behave dress. I cannot begin to explain to you how much I love this dress, it makes me feel positively fantastic. It does wonders for the girls - even I was staring at them all day - and just fits really well. Plus, it’s comfortable. And, it was $40. All of those things are wins, in my book.

    dress - City Chic, tights - Walmart, shoes - Overland, necklace - Pinup Girl Clothing, earrings - diva

  13. ilikeprettyclothes:

    The outfit I wore to go to Spotlight today to pick up fabric for my dressmaking course.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve posted a photo of this outfit before, but oh well.

    top - City Chic, skirt - Dorothy Perkins, leggings and belt - Kmart, shoes - The Warehouse, earrings - The Emerald City

  14. ilikeprettyclothes:

    I don’t often tuck my tops into my high waisted jeans, but this top looks shitty when left out so I went for it today. And I decided I like it both ways - some days call for tucked, some days don’t.

    cardigan - Dorothy Perkins, tank - Shanton, jeans - City Chic, shoes - The Warehouse, necklace - Taupo, NZ, earrings - Pahia, NZ

  15. ilikeprettyclothes:

    I don’t often wear all black - at least not since I was a melancholy teenager with goth tendencies - so today felt like a bit of a treat. Weird that taking a break from colour feels like a treat!

    Anyway, it wasn’t a total break, since I wore my new blue shoes and matched them with blue rose earrings. I am so happy to have blue shoes - I have to fight against my natural urge to be practical when buying footwear, and these seemed deliciously impractical, if only because I can’t wear them with everything. I am surprisingly conservative when it comes to shoes, I need to work on that.

    top - Pinup Girl Clothing, tank - Shanton, skirt - City Chic, belt - came with Bettie Page Clothing dress, tights - Walmart, shoes - Overland, necklace - Hilary Druxman, earrings - Lush