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    DIY Skeleton Hands Tutorial and Inspiration. I’ve been going through my archives looking for Halloween stuff from last year and found these two posts.  

    Top Photo: DIY Inspiration: Skeletor Belt by Delfina Delettrez. $3,996 (sold out now) and yes it’s sterling silver, but this looks like a really easy DIY for Halloween using a few spray painted plastic skeleton hands. Go to my post here.

    Bottom Photos: DIY DSQUARED Inspired Rhinestone Skeleton Hand Brooch Tutorial from Studs and Pearls here. Left Photo: $492 (on sale) Skeleton Hand Brooch by DSQUARED, Right Photo: Easy DIY by Studs and Pearls using a cheap plastic Halloween skeleton hand.

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    DIY Urban Outfitters Inspired Lace Shorts Restyle by Sincerely, Kinsey here. Really easy because you aren’t making shorts from scratch but rather adding layers of lace.

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    DIY Knockoff Miu Miu Metallic Leather and Glitter Cherry Sandals. Photo Left: $595 Miu Miu Cherry Sandals here, Photo Right: DIY by Desde Tenerife Con Amor. Tutorial by Desde Tenerife Con Amor here.

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    DIY Red Valentino Bow Back Cotton Jersey T-Shirt. I’m posting this in honor of its being inspiration & realisation’s most viewed post ever on her wonderful site (over 62,000 views and counting for this Valentino knockoff). Congrats Donatella! Tutorial for this easy to make shirt by inspiration & realisation here.

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    DIY Knockoff Anthropologie Accordion Strands Necklace. Photo Left: $278 Accordion Strands Necklace here. Photo Right: DIY by Yellow Blackbird. This necklace only costs a few dollars because it’s made out of grosgrain ribbon instead of silk. There are more photos on her site of this necklace in a gorgeous deep blue. Tutorial from Yellow Blackbird here.