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    I wore this dress to an awards show last night - the teal Lana from Pinup Girl Clothing. I wanted this dress for ages - PUG posted photos of it months before it was released, and I waited eagerly for it to happen. I snapped it up the second it became available and wore it for the first time last night. I have another dress in this style - a plain black one - so I knew the fit and quality would be amazing. However, what I wasn’t prepared for and was a little disappointed by when I first got it was the colour - it wasn’t the rich bluey teal that I expect but a true green. And the fireworks were much darker colours than I had anticipated. It didn’t meet the image I had in my mind, and after waiting so long I definitely felt disappointed. But I hung it up and waited a few days, and when I went to put it on last night I was much happier with it. I still wouldn’t say I absolutely love it, unfortunately. And I can say that about the black one in this style.

    dress - Pinup girl Clothing, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, shoes - Fluevog, necklace - gift, earrings - Auckland, NZ

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    What I wore last night to a burlesque show.

    dress, belt and headband - Pinup Girl Clothing, petticoat and earrings - Domino Dollhouse, shoes - Number 1 Shoes, necklace - gift

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    The second of yesterday’s outfits … I wore this out last night. (And can I just say, though this dress took 3 months to get to me - ground shipping from Canada to New Zealand is not a good idea - it was well worth the wait!)

    dress - Pinup Girl Clothing via Retroglam, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, shoes - Irregular Choice, necklace - etsy, earrings - diva

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    I ordered this top from Dorothy Perkins and it arrived yesterday. I tried it on last night and really didn’t like it - despite how wonderful it looked on the girls and how lovely the fabric feels, the peplum didn’t sit right and I thought it didn’t look very good. But I decided to give it another go this morning and I am glad I did - I liked it so much better. Not sure what the problem was, but anyway, the moral of the story is to always gives things a second chance, just in case. :)

    top - Dorothy Perkins, skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes - Hush Puppies, necklace - made by me, earrings - diva

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    I’m not crazy about how any of the photos from yesterday turned out, but oh well, the dress is awesome so I’m posting anyway. :)

    The royal blue Heidi. I now have four Heidis, I love them that much.

    dress - Pinup Girl Clothing via Rita Sue, petticoat - Hell Bunny, shoes - Number 1 Shoes, necklace - Walmart, headband - Janine Brasil, earrings - Lush

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    For the first time in history I am ready with lots of time to spare, so I am posting tonight’s outfit photo BEFORE WE GO OUT. I hope this doesn’t bring about the end of the world or anything …

    Anyway, here is the second of my new Betty Le Bonbon skirts. First of all, I freaking LOVE leopard print. I would leopard print ALL the things if I could. So of course when I saw that BLBB was making a leopard print swing skirt, I had to have one. Once again, the fit is great, the length is great, the style is great, the construction is great … um, let’s just say it is great. Great, great, great. I am one happy camper.

    Funny thing though: I am going to a play tonight, and when I first thought about wearing this skirt with my Doris top from PUG, I was struck by the fact that it wouldn’t be dressy enough. I have become so accustomed to wearing fancier dresses whenever I go out, and saving skirts for day-to-day work wear, that the thought of wearing one for a night out felt like I was going to be too casual. Weird, I know. Clearly my idea of casual is not aligned with what most people consider casual. But I’m not bothered about it. However, if it progresses to the point where ball gowns become my casual, well … that might be sort of awesome! ha ha :)

    skirt - Betty Le Bonbon, top and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, cami - Jacob, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, shoes - Fluevog, necklace - Pagani, earrings - House of Wolfgang

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    What I wore last night - feelin’ tropical.

    My new hair flower is lovely and realistic smelling, but the large clip it’s attached to will not stay in my short hair. So I had to wear a headband with it so that it had something to slip on to. Not ideal, but it will have to do.

    dress and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, shrug - City Chic, necklace - Walmart, earrings - Domino Dollhouse, hair flower - Uncle Fezter, headband - The Warehouse, I also added my black kitten heels from Number 1 Shoes

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    Sam and I went to the Burlesque Masquerade Ball last night, and this is what we wore. It was a totally good time. Though I am not too badly hungover today, I am not too proficient with words either … :)

    Me: dress - Pinup Girl Clothing, petticoat - Vamporium, fishnets - Walmart, shoes - Number 1 Shoes, necklace - Twisted M.O.M, fascinator - eBay, gloves - 2Cheap, earrings - Shh by Sadie, mask - Wise Buys

    Sam: suit and shoes - China, mask - Wise Buys

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    #2 of my 2 new BLBB skirts. As soon as I saw the book print, I knew I had to have it!

    skirt - Betty le Bonbon, top - Dorothy Perkins, belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, tights - Walmart, shoes - Hush Puppies, necklace - Suzy Shier, earrings - diva

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    This is my new Deadly Dames Malibu Tiki dress from Pinup Girl Clothing - I wore it for the first time to a burlesque show. I love this dress so much - the colours are amazing, the fit fantastic, the bolero adorable and whoa, is it ever boobilicious! I felt great in it, which is a bit of a departure for me since I usually only wear swing dresses. 

    dress - Pinup Girl Clothing, shoes - Number 1 Shoes, necklace - Walmart, earrings - Domino Dollhouse

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    I wore my Dixiefried Tiki Twist out for the first time last night. This style is a bit of a departure for me in terms of dresses, as it is more figure-hugging that the swing styles I usually wear. At first I was a little self conscious, I must admit, but throughout the night I felt better and better in it. By the end of the night, when I went to the bathroom and checked myself out in the full length mirror, I was like, “Hot damn I look good!” So there’s that, ha ha.

    dress and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, shrug - City Chic, nude fish nets - eBay, shoes - Number 1 Shoes, necklace - Walmart, earrings - Domino Dollhouse

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    Today’s outfit, the debut of my pretty new Fluevogs. Love them! Still need to stretch them out a bit across the top of my foot, but otherwise they are so comfy and lovely to look at. Sigh, Fluevogs. Maybe I could marry John Fluevog? Sam wouldn’t mind, I’m sure of it. :)

    Also, holy crap, this is my 300th outfit post on I Like Pretty Clothes. Wow. I would feel excessive except that my blog is almost two years old (in September!) and there are a LOT of repeats in there. Take this outfit - other than the shoes, it’s all been seen before. :)

    dress - Suzy Shier (aeons ago, it no longer buttons up over the girls, so this is a bit of a fat hack), cardigan - rescued from a community centre lost and found, cami - Shanton, tights - Walmart, shoes - FLUEVOG!!!, octopus brooch - Punakaiki, New Zealand, necklace - Pinup Girl Clothing, earrings - Pahia, New Zealand

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    What I wore to Burlesque Class.

    Things I learned:

    1. I really love the Rago High Waisted Vintage Style Garter Panty that I got from Domino Dollhouse, which I wore for the first time tonight.

    2. The City Chic stockings kind of suck - they rolled down (even with suspenders) and seriously tore up my inner thighs from the chub rub.

    3. Burlesque is super fun! Such a fun class with a great group of sexy ladies. Can’t wait until next week!

    Outfit details:

    top - Old Navy, bra - Additionelle, skirt and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, stockings and cardigan - City Chic, shoes - Fluevog, earrings and girdle - Domino Dollhouse, beret - eBay, necklace - diva

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    What I Wore Today

    top and belt (from the Lana dress) - Pinup Girl Clothing, cami - jacob, skirt - made by me, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, tights - Walmart, shoes - Overland, necklace - gift, earrings - Rex Royale

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    This is the cat print Netti from Pinup Girl Clothing - such a great dress! It came with a thin red belt, but I prefer a wider belt.

    My brain is hurting from too much wine last night, so I am not overly eloquent at the moment. Just know that I really, really like this dress. :)

    dress and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, shrug - Pagani, tights and necklace - Walmart, boots - Overland, earrings - diva