1. truebluemeandyou:

    DIY Full Circle Foolproof Skirt Tutorial from By Hand London here. This afternoon I got a message asking about tutorials for circle skirts that actually worked and remembered this one that I hadn’t posted. There are calculations for full, half and quarter circle skirts.

  2. juicyjacqulyn:


    New stuff!  We just put up a new skirt style in both black and purple.  Introducing the Death by Tea Skirt.  It is just $39.99 and available in sizes 14-28.

    Just freaked out and bought one of each colour!!!!

    (via pardonmewhileipanic)


  3. La Rosa Vintage



    How can you turn-up the volume on a leopard print? Add a hint of red!

    Leopard Print Top: Forever 21

    Belt: Express

    Bangles: Street Vendor, New Delhi, India

    Clutch: Vintage Louis Vuitton, Thrifted

    Pencil Skirt: Vintage Dolce & Gabbana, Thrifted

    Peep Toe Pumps: Glint via Nordstrom

    Wowsa, totally gorgeous!

    (Source: girlwithcurves)